“Why is my cervix so sensitive? I don’t orgasm, I cry”

Let me break this down for you.

Your cervix is your living, breathing epicentre.

This is your deepest, most vulnerable core.
She’s this powerful, magical, sacred, tender vortex.

And any unresolved shit?
Well don’t be surprised if it’s still hanging out here (yeah, even after all your talk therapy, reiki, yoga and meditation etc etc):

  • Unwanted sexual attention
  • Mother wounds
  • Trauma
  • Boundary violations
  • Uncomfortable, clinical pap smears
  • Ancestral wounding
  • Disconnection from spirit/source
  • Lack of grounding
  • Energetic imprints of past lovers (good, bad and ugly)
  • Bad/uncomfortable/painful sex
  • Collective female wounding/internalised patriarchy

Is it any wonder that some folks experience numbness, pain, sensitivity, nausea or emotions when they explore their cervix?

I’ve lost count of the number of cervixes I massaged during my yoni massage years and the number of women I’ve coached through their own explorations.
I’ve seen them move through the numbness, pain and sensitivity as they awaken to pleasure and cervical orgasm. 

It’s totally possible, but here’s the deal: it’s shadow work on steroids!

You can’t jump straight from numbness or pain to orgasm (normally, although I have witnessed a few miracles)

The bottom line = if you want the magical, psychedelic, mystical, universe-expanding cervical orgasms you need to *gently* hold space for whatever’s there to be witnessed, loved, welcomed and gently moved through.

Digging into pain is NOT the answer.
Hard pounding won’t help.
“Putting up” with, or pushing through is only going to make it worse.
Pushing for a strong release might re-traumatise you.

Your cervix needs tenderness, respect, slowness and presence.

It needs (and deserves) to feel safe enough to relax, soften and be vulnerable.
Just like you.
(and it’s perfectly OK to cry those deep, cervical sobs).

Devoting time, patience and respect to the deepest part of you is what brings the most satisfying rewards – especially more pleasure and cervical orgasms

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