Personally and professionally

These are the core company values

at Mangala Holland International & The Institute of Embodied Female Pleasure


We believe you can’t become sexually liberated by copying someone else. Trying to fit into society’s norms about what’s “feminine” or acceptable makes people feel contracted not expanded. It’s only through being totally comfortable in ourselves and our bodies that we can fully deepen in our pleasure.


We believe that systems of oppression rob us of our power. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their body, to feel self-love, to have knowledge, body autonomy and to have access to pleasure. Sexual liberation is the birthright of every human and we’re here to play our part. All of the work we do is nuanced and subtle, taking a gentle, embodied approach – so that we embrace our pace and nobody gets pushed beyond their edges. When we become sexually liberated we become powerful and sovereign; we know our worth and can stand for a bigger vision for ourselves and the world.


We are passionate about giving clients the tools to awaken passion in a whole new way, whether that’s breathing fresh life into long term relationships, creating new arousal patterns, enhancing libido, and supporting them to take big, bold life steps.


We have strong beliefs about accessing the power within, rather than having power over others, and support clients to have their own discoveries, rather than coming to be “fixed”. It’s imperative that through our work together clients can discover their own power, body autonomy, and of course the powerful energy of their own orgasms.

It’s incredibly important to be aware of inherent power dynamics in coach-client and teacher-student relationships. Tied in with this are the inherent power structures of society. It’s important to us that we continue unravelling unconscious bias and looking at where white supremacy and patriarchal structures might potentially cause harm or create enhanced disadvantage. We are committed to working with mentors in our own journeys to help us create safer spaces for clients and speak up about injustices and oppression.


We believe safety is about feeling safe in your body and having a regulated nervous system. This means feeling safe to be in a space with others without feeling you don’t belong or are at risk of being overwhelmed, triggered or on the receiving end of racism, microaggressions, homophobia or transphobia. It means feeling safe to discuss intimate issues with a partner, safe to say yes, no or stop.

Pleasure can’t be accessed without safety.

If safety isn’t established then there is no foundation for this work and the potential for re-traumatising clients or causing harm is very real. In our company we do this by going slow with clients, going at their own pace, honouring their own body wisdom and helping them create a healthy boundary function.

We continually invest in educating ourselves around creating safer spaces for black & indigenous women of colour as well as trans and gender expansive clients (this means not assuming, but taking proactive steps to consider their specific needs and what they might need to feel safe).


We are open to feedback, transparency and commit to creating new strategies when things need to be changed. This means taking responsibility for mistakes and challenges and not shifting the blame onto others. I want my clients to know that I’m open to their ideas, that I will deal with issues openly and fairly. In our practitioner training, we encourage participants to share suggestions for improvements and we constantly take their ideas on board as we share collective wisdom. I am personally continually working with mentors to keep me accountable.


Sexual liberation means nothing if it’s only for a privileged few. To me this means everyone has equal access to this work, knowledge and information. As a white cis-het woman, I am always asking myself how can I use my privilege to amplify the voices of others? What sensitivities need to be in place about specific cultural narratives of groups I’m unfamiliar with?

In order to make massive changes in the world, we want to get this work out beyond the “white spiritual community”, and to find ways to support all folks in making it accessible. For this, we are identifying the barriers that make this work inaccessible and finding creative solutions.

I have multiple entry points to access my work – from free offerings through to high end, bespoke packages. I personally invest in educating myself and “doing the work”.


We desire everyone to feel invited, included, leveraged, safe and welcome in my programs. It’s important to us because we want to ensure folks feel empowered and not excluded from some “rich white hippy chick” club. We want to minimise harm because we believe there is so much healing and expansion possible in spaces with more diverse people and a range of experiences.

We do this by ensuring we are not teaching concepts that feel exclusionary to some people from e.g. different faith backgrounds, and aim to teach without dogma. I’m personally educating myself & working with mentors to work towards anti-racism and gender-expansiveness and staying in reciprocity from the people I’ve learned from.


Teachers & influences

These are the teachers and mentors I have studied with directly.

(Disclaimer: Naming my teachers does not endorse their work or values.)

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