“Shakti is our
life force,
our creative &
sexual energy.
When we
awaken it
we radically
our lives.”

“Shakti is our life force, our creative &
sexual energy. 
When we awaken it
we radically
empower our lives.”

My Journey

It’s been a wild, crazy ride. A decade ago in the UK I was leading a toxic double life- working for a firm of stockbrokers by day, and by night I was a deep house and techno DJ.

I partied hard – really hard! In my spare time I’d go to soccer matches all over the country, matching the guys pint for pint, and generally being ‘one of the lads’.

I was totally disconnected from my emotions, my body and my femininity. My love life was a disastrous string of drunken one night stands.

I burned out and decided to take a year out in 2009 to travel and immerse myself in spiritual practice. I discovered yoga, purification and Tantra during that year in India and Thailand – my life changed so much that I stayed overseas to continue my journey.

The turning point for me was letting go of sexual shame, and recognising my body and my energy as sacred.

I spent the next six years working on my own healing journey, teaching well over a thousand hours of Tantric yoga, and doing endless retreats, workshops and training courses. This led to me teaching yoga and Neo-Tantra internationally, as well as becoming a Neo-Tantric bodywork practitioner.

I moved to Australia in 2015 and since then my work has truly flourished. I’m blessed to work with incredible clients who are really ready to embrace change in their lives (because if I can do it anyone can!).

I’ve been featured in the mainstream international press and I’ve trained with world-renowned teachers such as Michaela Boehm, a Kashmiri Shaivist lineage holder.

Working Together

  • You’ll get tools to empower and heal yourself.
  • You’ll start to let go of shame and past traumas – I’ll help you love yourself completely.
  • Cervical orgasms are your birthright and a gateway to spiritual fulfilment – I’ll help you get there.
  • You’ll discover your body is a temple worthy of worship.
  • You’ll feel authentic. We don’t work with dogmatic, misogynistic approaches to femininity.
  • You’ll create a connection with the Divine Feminine – and understand your own sacred essence.
  • You won’t be pushed over any edges – we go at a rate your body and emotions can handle.
Working with Mangala has been transformative. Attending a weekend women’s retreat with her was the start a journey of opening to myself and others, connecting with my divine feminine, and aligning with my purpose.
Rachel Thomson

Professional Bio

The founder of Sacred School of Shakti, Mangala is an international facilitator of women’s groups, rituals, retreats and workshops and also offers private mentoring. She teaches worldwide, primarily in Australia, Bali, Thailand, the USA, India and Mexico.

She places a strong emphasis on self-love, embodiment and empowerment, bringing the sacred into all elements of her life and teachings.

She gives people the tools to empower themselves sexually and spiritually. She believes that with the purest of intentions, sexual energy can be harnessed for our personal growth and spiritual evolution, and teaches in a no-nonsense, accessible style.

Mangala is also a certified teacher of Michaela Boehm’s Intimacy and Attraction Workshop™ and The Non-Linear Movement Method™ and is trained in Trauma-Informed Facilitation.

photo credit:Esther Buttery
Mangala’s skill with holding the ceremonial circle is brilliant in a quiet and magical way. Sitting in the circle with Mangala I have found myself in a safe place where I have been seen and I have had the space to see other women with a deep tenderness. Transformational!

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