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increase your pleasure, orgasms & sensual confidence

Go from bored, numb & frustrated to satisfied & orgasmic with O’ Club, the membership for empowered women & vulva-owners

"I just want you to know that last night I had my very first orgasm while having s*x!!! I thought it would never happen for me! Thank you for your magical work"

Is this you?

I overcame my sexual blocks and discovered confidence, fulfiment and freedom. So can you!

Until my late 30s I was completely disconnected from my body and my pleasure. I had endless drunken, drug-fuelled, shame-filled one-night stands, and was lucky if I experienced a clitoral orgasm. I was sexually and emotionally blocked, and full of destructive, intense self-hatred.

In the last 14 years, I’ve been on a deep, powerful healing journey of discovering my truth, my power, and mind-blowing cervical orgasms.

I finally learned to love myself from the inside out and let go of my deep-rooted sexual shame.

I got deeply intimate with my own inner world, my own desires, and my true sense of myself as a sensual woman. Not what the media portrays, not what the so-called experts say, but my own, unique, authentic power, pleasure and orgasmic confidence.

And once I discovered cervical orgasms for myself I started to shout it from the rooftops!

Over the last decade, I’ve worked with thousands of women and pussy owners all over the world, giving them specific tools to empower themselves in their own pleasure by using my unique roadmap. I’ve also trained other professionals to facilitate female pleasure – including GPs, chiropractors, sex therapists, trauma therapists, counsellors, somatic coaches, doulas, midwives, and health and wellness coaches. In other words – I’m an international expert in female pleasure and orgasms.

Many of my clients go from a lifetime of shutdown and shame to experiencing mind-blowing, expansive intimate experiences, with themselves and their partners. They unravel numbness, stop beating themselves up and connect to their personal power, fierce self-love and confidence in the world.

I tell it like it is and take a stand against a lot of the nonsense taught in the name of female sexuality, neo-tantra etc. I spent 5 years in a very dogmatic environment that taught lots of harmful bullshit and I need you to know you don’t have to be young, skinny, white, or subservient, you don’t need to dress or act a certain way, you don’t need to be more feminine or less masculine or any of those things to experience more pleasure and deep fulfilling orgasms!


The O’ Club Membership

The non-judgy, no-BS community for badass women & vulva owners where you thrive by putting your pleasure first

Feel energised - and safe

Learn the essential tools for nervous system regulation and embodiment practices, so that you feel safe in your body, defeat overwhelm and establish a solid foundation to expand your pleasure.

Overcome vaginal numbness

Move through the physical blocks to pleasure and thaw out that numbness, so that you can experience more internal pleasure and awaken those O’s.

Self-pleasure skills

Take your pleasure and power into your own hands and take your existing self-pleasure practices to new heights so that you feel more energized, nourished, inspired and fulfilled in your self-love sessions.

Sexual confidence

Overcome shame, resistance and self-sabotage, and learn how to communicate clearly, so that you can ask for what works for you (without feeling shy & awkward), and so that you can relax, receive, let go and enjoy.


Learn how to increase your libido so that you’re no longer running on empty, taking ages to get aroused, or feeling frustrated.

“Yes, Mangala! I’m ready for incredible pleasure and confidence with O’ Club!”

Don’t just take my word for it! This is what my clients say when they use my simple roadmap to experience sexual confidence, full-body pleasure and incredible orgasms!

My confidence and desire to explore pleasure has exploded, the practices have helped me to get in touch and feel into something completely new and alive.
I finally feel like I have landed in my body and have new tools and energy to feel into more pleasure in all aspects of my life, from sexual pleasure and intimacy to creativity. I am so excited to see where this expansion takes me. If you’ve been thinking about working with Mangala, just jump right in!”

Liv, Victoria – Australia

I have experienced a cervical orgasm for the first time I am aware of in my life and learnt lifetime tools to help me navigate the changes life brings. Perimenopause symptoms (to the relief of my husband) have subsided and he has noticed me happier and confident and lots more…. you are the stand out person to guide anyone through these teachings, I love the bite size steps and practices that can be done daily without feeling you need to create a full blown schedule and the results still incredible”.

Nicola Parish, UK

“After our last call I experienced my first G-spot orgasm during self-pleasure!!! I feel so much more in tune with the inner workings of my Yoni. I am so so happy.”

Grace, Perth

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O’ Club is only available for a limited time at the special founding members rate

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O' Club Monthly

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O' Club Yearly

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You could be our next success story!

"Thank you so much for all your guidance and help, I feel so much more grounded and confident. I never thought I’d experience pleasure again."

L, Germany

"I feel so much more empowered since we started working together, Mangala - I'm so excited to realise that I can heal my p*ssy and my p*ssy can help me heal. It's reciprocal".

V, Pennsylvania

O’ Club is not right for you if:
We don’t do ungrounded woo-woo fluff in my programs! There’s no dogma, performative sexuality or “shoulds” (you’ve already had enough of them in your life, right?). There’s absolutely no spiritual bypassing, or ideals of what it means to be “feminine”, no fake-it-till-you-make-it, no competition with each other or manipulation.

We won’t be covering G spot or Cervical orgasms in O’ Club (because that takes more nuanced personal support).

We also won’t be covering content taught in my practitioner training program or my business strategy program.

O’ Club is definitely for you if:

  • You’d love more pleasure, sexual confidence and easier orgasms!

  • You need something accessible to get started and you’re not in a position to invest $$$$

  • You’re short on time and want efficient results from your practice

  • You’d love simple, bite-sized resources to keep you on track

  • You thrive in a non-judgemental, compassionate, supportive, non-cliquey, down-to-earth community

  • You’d love to get out of your head, be more in your pleasure, be able to relax, receive and let go - because you know that will enhance your orgasms & fulfilment

  • You’re ready to dismantle the blocks and conditioning that’s kept you people-pleasing, resistant and insecure.

Join the O’ Club membership now

O’ Club is only available for a limited time at the special founding members rate

No contract. Cancel anytime. All prices in USD

O' Club Monthly

Automatically billed monthly
Standard rate $49

O' Club Yearly

Automatically billed annually
Standard rate $499

Got More Questions? I’ve Got Answers

This is a rolling monthly subscription, meaning you can stop at any point, and restart when you want. Just give us 7 days’ notice if you want to pause or stop your membership.

I hear ya! This is a go-at-your-own-pace experience. You get to dip in when it suits you – so that you can do pleasure on your terms and fit it in around your lifestyle. This knowledge and wisdom gives you tools and skills for life, and the embodiment practices are designed to support your nervous system and reduce overwhelm – so that you no longer feel exhausted, spinning several plates at once, and can actually get back to living a pleasure-filled life that energises you.

The O’Club membership is entry-level and suitable for everyone. However, if you’d absolutely prefer to just work together 1:1 or would like to be part of a more comprehensive group program, email mangala@mangalaholland.com to discuss a 6 or 12 month private coaching package.

The method we work with in O’Club gives you a very specific structure which has worked for thousands of pussy owners. It’s a very embodied approach that’s different to most other classes and workshops. Can I promise you orgasms? No, because female sexuality is complex and non-linear, and a goal-oriented approach doesn’t work. However, participants get real, tangible breakthroughs because we’re not taking a quick-fix/band-aid approach. In short: if you show up and do the practices (it’s the best homework ever, by the way!) – then you’ll absolutely reap the rewards.

The magic of female sexuality and pleasure is that there’s always more to discover! Pleasure isn’t finite. If you’d love to deepen your experience of G-spot and cervical orgasms, and experience more subtlety, more sensations and heightened awareness then you absolutely need to join us. I’m sharing the exact practices that I use myself (and have done for many years) – my orgasms keep getting stronger, better, richer, more emotionally satisfying and more cosmic – and there’s no reason why yours shouldn’t too!!

You get to meet us exactly where you’re at. And while we do have some very honest and frank discussions, you have complete sovereignty here. I don’t push clients over edges, and don’t believe that approach achieves long-term benefit. You know your body and your nervous system better than anyone else, and how much you lean in is up to you.

I’m working with mentors to make sure my spaces are as safe and inclusive as possible. In particular, that means on-going anti-racism work as well as creating safer spaces for non-binary, gender-fluid and trans folk. Of course this is a lifetime’s work and I’m actively unpacking my conditioning, but inclusivity is a very high priority to me. If you have a vulva, you are welcome in this space (this is due to the specific anatomical emphasis of the content). At this point we’re unable to offer scholarships but hope to do so in the future.

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Go from bored, numb & frustrated to satisfied & orgasmic!

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