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female pleasure

Embodied Female Pleasure

10 month online facilitator training program

(next intake January 2024)

Learn the specific tools, practices, exercises, processes and techniques required to awaken female pleasure, ignite desire and unleash orgasmic potential so that you have full confidence in your abilities as a facilitator.

Upgrade your own pleasure experiences and take your orgasmic confidence to levels you never thought possible so that you feel more energised, joyful, creative and fulfilled.

Gain world-class facilitation skills and specific practices so that you’re fully equipped to run workshops, retreats, group programs and 1:1 sessions (both in-person and online), meaning that you can build a robust yet flexible business.

Take your existing coaching/healing/therapy to a whole new level of mastery through awakening your own pleasure (and learn how to do this for your clients too).

Learn from one of the most experienced and respected educators in the industry so that you gain the confidence to teach correctly and hold the safest space possible.

Create an income and lifestyle that suits you, doing what you love – so that you’re inspired and in deep, heart-centred service to pleasure and sexual liberation – every single day. 

Bespoke online coaching

6 & 12-month packages available

Are you stuck and disconnected from your pleasure?
Do you feel closed off, numb or frustrated?

Shut down, self-conscious and struggling with confidence?
Non-orgasmic or feeling like there should be “something more”?

It affects every area of your life, both inside and out of the bedroom.

I can help you thrive, kick ass and feel empowered, radiant and support you to awaken more pleasure and orgasms than you ever felt possible.

Sign up now for your complimentary Sensual Awakening call – we’ll create a strategy to overcome your blocks & awaken your pleasure.

online coaching

“Being able to get out of my head and into my body was a really big deal for me”

Georgia, Australia

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Orgasmic Confidence

online 3-month group program

(next intake March 2024)

Awaken your pleasure; embody your confidence; reclaim your power and ignite your orgasmic potential.

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Awakened Sensuality Experience

28 day self-guided experience

In this 28 day self-guided experience you’ll receive regular emails with audio meditations & video practices so that you create gentle, steady transformation.

You won’t be overwhelmed or intimidated with loads of content at once (female sexuality needs time and patience) and you’ll get to go at your own pace – in fact doing small, bite-sized regular practices will give you the best results.

You get to fit this in where it suits you best so that you have the time and space to integrate this work into your daily life.

You don’t need a lot of time – if you can find 10 minutes a day you can expect to get amazing benefits and real shifts – you’ll have more energy, a deeper understanding of yourself, more self-love, and more full-body pleasure.

I’ve hand-picked these practices from my long term group programs to keep this as practical and accessible for you as possible. This 28-day experience is ideal if you want to experience more pleasure in your body and a deeper sense of connection and confidence in yourself without the 4 or 5 figure investment.

awakened sensuality
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Self worship checklist

This is about more than self-love. It’s about honouring and worshipping ourselves on every level so we can thrive.
Self-love starts deep within. It starts with action! 

Next intake January 2025

Embodied Female Pleasure

10-month online female sexuality facilitator training program

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Orgasmic Confidence

3-month online group program for women and folks with vulvas

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Self worship checklist

This is about more than self-love. It’s about honouring and worshipping ourselves on every level so we can thrive .
Self-love starts deep within. It starts with action!




Starting 17th July 2024

The No-Nonsense Guide to Self-Pleasure, Sexual Confidence and Female Orgasms

Available on Amazon & Kindle

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Go from bored, numb & frustrated to satisfied & orgasmic!

Ther Membership for Empowered Women & Vulva Owners

Free 3 part video series

From Shut Down to Sensual Satisfaction

Overcome numbness & disconnection
Awaken your delicious pleasure and deep fulfilment