Awakened Sensuality with Mangala Holland

Hey gorgeous, here’s something really special for you!

These are my favourite and most effective practices to give you a deeper connection with your body, more sensual energy, and of course, more pleasure.

These specific practices have worked for thousands of vulva-owners and they’ll help you experience more fulfillment and confidence (which are essential if you want to experience better orgasms!)

In this 28 day experience, you’ll receive regular emails with audio meditations & video practices so that you create gentle, steady transformation.

You won’t be overwhelmed or intimidated with loads of content at once (female sexuality needs time and patience) and you’ll get to go at your own pace – in fact doing small, bite-sized regular practices will give you the best results.

You get to fit this in where it suits you best so that you have the time and space to integrate this work into your daily life.

You don’t need a lot of time – if you can find 10 minutes a day you can expect to get amazing benefits and real shifts – you’ll have more energy, a deeper understanding of yourself, more self-love, and more full-body pleasure.

I’ve hand-picked these practices from my long term group programs to keep this as practical and accessible for you as possible. This 28 day experience is ideal if you want to experience more pleasure in your body and a deeper sense of connection and confidence in yourself without the 4 or 5 figure investment

What's included

Embodied Exploration Movement

I use this with all my clients because it brings the biggest results! In this simple yet very efficient practice, you’ll learn how to quickly get out of your head and into your body so that you feel less stress, less overwhelm and more pleasure.

Folks go through massive shifts just from this one technique, going from feeling totally stuck and shut down to feeling relaxed, energised and peaceful (I still do this every single day because it’s so damn awesome!).

You’ll discover what’s really true for you in your body – so that you can feel authentic, whole and powerful just as you are, without needing to be “more feminine” or “less masculine”.

Womb activation

This powerful cleansing meditation will help you deepen your awareness with your womb and pelvic bowl. You’ll clear old blockages and experience gentle, powerful healing.

Many clients who’ve used this regularly have experienced a potent reconnection with their body, deep cleansing, and have awakened more creative and sexual energy.

(note: this practice works just as well if you don’t have a physical womb, because you still have an energetic womb-space)

Pelvic Awakening

Discover how to unleash your own sexual energy from within! When you awaken your pelvic area you activate your life force, your creativity and your orgasmic potential.

This practice is essential if you want to ignite your libido and turn-on from the inside-out.

Full Bodied Pleasure

Would you love to feel more pleasure in your body, all over your body and to be able to generate it whenever you want?

Do you want to be able to stay with what feels good and not go into your head?

You can use this practice as foreplay before self-pleasure, or as a stand-alone practice to explore more goodness, aliveness and pleasure in your daily life..

Bonus Content

Vulva gazing guided practice

This powerful yet gently guided, sacred teaching will help you create a deeper, loving relationship with the most intimate part of your body. If you want to experience radical self-love, release shame and experience deeper devotion to your body, this practice is absolutely essential.


You’ll also receive regular thought-provoking journaling prompts to help you go deeper in your self-inquiry and to shift your mindset as you engage with the embodied practices, so that you make the most of this 28 day self-guided experience

*Disclaimer: this is not a teacher training course- this course is for your own transformation. Materials and practices are for your personal use only and are not to be used in your own programs or with your own clients. If you’re interested in becoming a certified facilitator of this body of work, please get in touch to join the waitlist for the next intake.

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