My personal reflections on safety – International Women’s Day 2021

When I look back over the last year I feel SO incredibly inspired and uplifted by the folks I’ve worked with.

My clients, audience, colleagues, collaborators, mentors and friends – your courage, bravery and vulnerability inspire me to keep going with my mission even on the heaviest days.

I know I bang on about this a lot, but pleasure and orgasm isn’t a luxury

It’s essential for our wellbeing and it’s also a VERY good barometer of when things are out of balance. In short – if we’re stuck in survival, fight/flight, exhaustion and overwhelm, libido and pleasure are often the first things to go offline.

Today I want to acknowledge the privilege it takes to be in a position to be even able to work on pleasure, because there’s many, many millions of women who can’t.

I want to acknowledge those who are dealing with really heavy fucking sexual trauma, and hanging on to daily survival by a broken fingernail, as well as those fighting to be accepted as female by society.

I’ve had so much I’ve wanted to voice about the Christian Porter case in Australia (Attorney General accused of rape), and also about the continuing sexual assaults that are happening in the “conscious community”
(yes it’s still happening and known predators are still being welcomed into workshop spaces where their “shadow” is legitimised and they get to groom their victims).

So today on International Women’s Day, here are my desires:

If you’re a facilitator, workshop leader, festival owner, teacher in this community – step the fuck up and vet who you’re letting into your spaces, because they’re not safe right now.
And thinking you have the tools to “heal” these predators is incredibly damaging and says everything we need to know about your entitlement, delusion, ego and greed.

It can’t be left just to survivors to fight for justice (for their own situation or that of others), or to advocate for their rights” – that’s exactly what’s happening right now (still).

It’s exhausting.

If you’re NOT a victim of sexual assault, please use that privilege and energy to step up and support survivors. These women are your close friends, colleagues and family members, potential partners etc.

It’s estimated that around 2% of rape allegations are false, so there’s some perspective for ya.

My other desire?

That if you identify as female, and/or you have a pussy – you get to feel confident and safe in your body, to experience epic pleasure, and enjoy the most incredible orgasms ever. 

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