“I’m not feeling very much down there – should I buy a jade egg?”

Actually, perhaps not, and here’s why….
[I get asked this soooo often!]

In the 6 years, I was a professional intimate bodyworker, I massaged hundreds and hundreds of vaginas and trained 24 practitioners across Australia.
And honestly, 80% of the women I’ve worked with have been more tight than loose in the pelvic floor department.
The last thing they need is more tension.

A jade egg can be great if you need to increase pelvic floor strength and suppleness…


If you’re experiencing:

– lack of sensation

– disconnection from “down there”

– shame

– tension

– painful intercourse

– lack of desire

– no orgasm (or not the level of pleasure you’d like)

You might need a different approach – one that’s not based on creating more tension in your body (because tension BLOCKS pleasure)

In the early days I thought that I could heal myself sexually by shoving in an egg and doing some squeezes, and hey presto! I’m magically healed!

hahahaha… Nope!

The truth is… buying an $80 egg is looking for a quick, cheap fix (which might create more tension in your system potentially doing more harm than good, especially if you don’t know how to use it properly).

In my vast experience, what most folks need is a longer-term strategy

That’s where we get the permanent results.

It requires:

– a connection to the whole of your body

– looking at your work-life balance

– looking at your upbringing and clearing old shit

– looking deeply at self-worth and confidence issues

– uncovering your relationship to folks of all genders (and perhaps unpacking your own conditioning)

– going at a pace that’s right for you, your body, your nervous system and your history

And much, much more.

As a caveat – I *do* believe jade eggs can be amazing

In the right circumstances, and used in the right way. And I do work with them with some clients. But unless I’m working with you and know more about you, I can’t recommend it.

There’s no panacea and no quick fix.

For sure, there ARE shortcuts, and I have 13 years worth of tools, techniques and awareness that I share with my clients to get amazing results.

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