• Would you love to grow your business in a way that feels grounded, nourishing and sustainable, without burning out, feeling spammy or inauthentic?

  • Are you a HELL YES to more clients and recurring revenue - so that you can increase your impact and income?

  • Are you done with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and confused because of conflicting business advice from coaches who don’t understand our industry?

  • Would you love to create a solid strategy so that you can become more visible, reach a wider audience and attract the right kind of clients so that the behind-the-scenes in your business is as pleasurable as delivering your work?

  • Are you feeling the loneliness of trying to figure everything out for yourself, getting bits of help from here, there and everywhere, but without a cohesive structure and joined-up thinking?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, I’d love to share my roadmap to building a successful, sustainable, nourishing sexuality business that’s in line with your values – without the bro-hustle marketing or ungrounded manifesting fluff.

I went from doing back-to-back bodywork sessions to building a multi-6-figure business

I’m the founder of Embodied Female Pleasure™, a sexuality professional facilitator training program, and host global group programs, memberships and 1:1 VIP coaching. I’ve trained GPs, chiropractors, sex therapists, trauma therapists, medical intuitives, counsellors, somatic coaches, doulas, midwives, and health and wellness coaches to facilitate female pleasure. In the last decade, I’ve worked with thousands of women and vulva owners internationally to become orgasmic and empowered in their pleasure.

Over the years, I experienced the good, bad and ugly in the business coaching world. I invested in programs that promised the earth but delivered very little, including 1:1 work with a guy who was clearly making it up as he went along and had zero integrity. I worked with another well-meaning dude who helped me fill my books – but I burned out in the process, because I became a victim of my own success and totally overbooked myself.

I learned from some epic coaches, discovered how to create recurring revenue, had 6-figure years, and then a 6-figure launch. Through all of this, I discovered I had as much of a passion for the business side of things as for my client work – I got qualified in Marketing and trained as a Certified Business Strategist.

As much as I loved being in business spaces, I got frustrated by being supported by coaches who didn’t understand the specific challenges of being a sex coach (good luck to anyone trying to run Facebook ads!). And whilst being surrounded by accountants and tech gurus was great for growing my network, I always felt that people didn’t quite get me or my work – which makes it pretty lonely as a business owner – especially when you’re dealing with challenges and setbacks.

In my experience, there’s 3 common mistakes that sexuality professionals make when they’re trying to grow their business (especially in the current economic climate).

Having integrity, getting good client results and being well-trained isn’t enough to succeed:

  • You’re either not attracting enough clients, or you’re getting enquiries from people who aren’t ready or able to invest with you and do the work

  • Your group programs aren’t selling out because you haven’t built a big enough audience

  • You’re exhausting yourself trying to “put yourself out there” in the wrong places, talking to the wrong people, and you’re not communicating your offers with clarity (and getting creeps in your inbox)

In the current economic climate, it’s easy to get frustrated. People are still buying, but their buying habits have changed. Many people (myself included) have been burned by scammy coaches in the last few years, and as a result, buyers are more discerning (which is actually great news for you if you’re a sex coach with integrity!).

The last thing that you probably want to hear as a sexuality professional (or someone in an adjacent niche) is that the amount of time you spend in client sessions is probably only about 20% of your work time, but that’s the truth. The rest of your time, energy and focus should be spent on marketing and growing your business. If you don’t do the groundwork now to create a solid foundation, it means that you’re constantly at the mercy of your cash flow – which puts a huge toll on your mental health and nervous system, leaving you stuck in survival mode and waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night because you’re worried you’re going to have to admit defeat and get a job in the “real world” again.

If you’re in this situation, understandably you might be hesitant about dropping $25K on a year-long business mastermind or spending thousands gambling on Facebook ads (good luck getting them approved if you talk about pleasure, sex or relationships). 

Before you invest $$$$$ in new branding and a new website, you’re better off implementing an actual business strategy. This is the foundation for all successful businesses, but most online business owners (especially people in the sexuality world) skip this step. They look at what everyone else is doing, throw stuff out there, and hope that some of it sticks.

My business strategy clients have:
  • Signed new high-end client packages with ease, creating recurring monthly revenue which gave her the headspace to zoom out and grow her business further

  • Got so many new leads she had to set up a triage system to deal with the new influx

  • Immediately brought in new clients after our first session, seeing an instant financial ROI

  • Overcame the mindset blocks that were keeping her from putting out valuable content - she no longer feels unsafe putting herself out there or exhausted by marketing her work

  • Grew their audience in ways that felt aligned, doable and fun, without feeling spammy or sleazy, and without frying their nervous system trying to fit into someone else’s shiny, magic formula

  • Got clear on her ideal client, stopped taking on exhausting, draining clients, and created a straightforward funnel to attract new clients, nurture them and create a streamlined, seamless sales process

  • Created attractive new lead magnets which converted more sales

  • Revised their offers which made much more sense to their ideal client and were easier to sell

  • Gained the confidence to put up her rates so that she could increase her income and leverage her time

You’re meant to shine and be out there sharing your gifts, creating positive change in the world and thriving, with a flexible business that supports your lifestyle.
So right now it’s time to put on your CEO hat, gain the confidence and implement the business strategy that will support you to thrive and flourish in your business for years to come. It’s time to play the long game and set yourself up for sustainable success.
That’s why I’ve created this powerful 4-month group business strategy accelerator program for you:

Amplify is my signature 4-month online group business strategy accelerator program for sexuality and pleasure facilitators, coaches, healers and therapists who are ready to grow and scale their business in a way that is doable, practical, sustainable and grounded.

Clarify your messaging

Speak specifically to your ideal clients so they know exactly why they need to work with you – so that it’s a no-brainer for them to invest with you, and you only attract awesome people who are ready to invest their time, money and energy and are ready to do the work

Create the foundations for solid business success

Learn how to analyse your market and observe the successes and failures of your competitors so that you can stand out from the noise and position yourself as the go-to expert in your field

Create irresistible offers that sell

Take the sting out of launches and learn how to create, market and deliver programs that will leave your clients drooling, satisfied and coming back for more, without frying your nervous system

Discover how to grow and scale your offers

By leveraging your time and expertise you can work less and make more money – without burning yourself out or losing your integrity

Discover the grounded way to grow your business

Learn the strategic business methods to create sustainable success, without manipulative, sleazy sales tactics so that you build a flexible business that suits your lifestyle, leaving you feeling nourished and inspired

Get your marketing dialled in

So that your ideal clients can find you with ease – without having to spend all your time getting sucked into black holes on social media or feeling pushy or spammy

Get your business strategy nailed for 2024-2025

Get your year mapped out with clear targets to keep you on track so that you can achieve your goals, in a way that plays to your strengths and gives you the headspace to go through the internal mindset shifts as you expand your business and earning potential

Work through your internal blocks

Whether that’s about being seen, putting yourself out there, fear of being judged or cancelled, or charging great money for your services. You’ll do the inner work in a way that’s in harmony with your nervous system so that you can increase your capacity for clients, money and confidence

What’s included?

  • Live calls (twice a month) with hot seats, laser coaching and Q&As - so that you get tailored support to take immediate action and create success in your business, AND giving you the time and space to implement between the live classes

  • Strategy, embodiment, mindset and nervous system tools and practices - so that you can make real changes in a way that’s sustainable, that gets you off the financial and emotional rollercoaster of feast and famine

  • Call recordings so you can catch up at your leisure if you miss a call or the timezone doesn’t work for you

  • Exclusive access to our exclusive Facebook group where you get to connect with our amazing community & get additional support between calls

  • Additional bonus live calls and Q&A sessions

  • Bonus content, handouts and resources to support your epic transformation every step of the way

What this program isn't:

We don’t do ungrounded woo-woo fluff in my programs! There’s no dogma, “use a crystal butt-plug and manifest your next client” bollocks, spiritual bypassing or pushy, sleazy bro-hustle tactics. This is solid, effective, trauma-informed grounded strategy - we work together to create the absolute best outcomes for you and your business, harnessing your personal strengths.

Start date:

Wednesday 17th July to Wednesday 20th November 2024

Program Components

Masterclass 1

Creating the foundations for success – clarifying your business identity and goals so that everything you do is implementing strategic, aligned action

Masterclass 2

Attracting your ideal clients – so that you repel the timewasters and get more of your soulmate clients who are ready to show up and go deep with you

Masterclass 3

The strategy of success – analysing what’s working in your business and observing industry trends so that you can stay ahead of your competitors and colleagues

Masterclass 4

Messaging that works – learn how to clarify everything you say so that your offers, marketing and sales calls make total sense to your clients and it’s an easy yes for them to buy from you, even in an economic downturn. Discover how to increase your visibility and overcome the mindset blocks that have been holding you back from fully getting your message out there to the people who need to hear it

Masterclass 5

Marketing & leads – how to increase your leads and advertise your offers in ways that actually work in the current climate – so that your marketing feels aligned, fun and doable, rather than overwhelming, confusing and exhausting

Masterclass 6

Mindset & confidence – become a successful business owner by doing the inner work on removing the doubt and insecurity that’s kept you playing small and stopped you from reaching your next level of professional and financial success

Masterclass 7

Packaging & pricing – create irresistible offers that truly support your clients whilst maximising your earning potential, and doing the inner work on your own money blocks that stop you from charging your worth

Masterclass 8

Creating recurring revenue – set yourself up for success so that you’re not living month-to-month, scratching for clients, or having one good month followed by a quiet spell, which wreaks havoc on your nervous system (there’s nothing worse than waking up in the night in a cold sweat worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills next month)

Masterclass 9

Sales strategies that work – learn how to sell with ease, and to create an epic customer journey, so that potential customers trust you quicker, stay in your world and promote your work for you

Masterclass 10

Your 2025 business plan – get everything mapped out for the entire year so you can plan, delegate and take action, whilst factoring in all the flexibility, travel and freedom you desire – so that you can live, love, work and play in a way that feels nourishing, supportive and sustainable in the long term

Hear what other people are saying about Mangala...

“I felt like I was putting stuff out there without a clear idea how to attract more people into my network. Through the process, I got a better understanding of the strategy necessary to have a successful business. Now I have clear steps I can follow moving forward. The whole process also opened my vision to areas I can engage with that I previously hadn’t thought about.

[Amplify] is a program that not only gives a great roadmap for those who start out in the business but also for those who need a reframe for what already exists.
I think more mature coaches, practitioners, therapists who don’t want to talk glitter, rainbow and unicorns can really benefit from this course.
Our expertise (coaches, practitioner etc) is in the field of guiding deep transformational processes. The strategic business side doesn’t always come easy. Amplify is a perfect, not overwhelming business program, that brings results… [I loved] the clear teachings of the step by step process and the sovereign container. I have renewed conviction and excitement for my work”

Theres Kull


“Often business coaches give you a process to follow but you still have doubts if it is going to work for you. Mangala Is really good at making sure the process is going to work for you by helping you to take simple steps, teasing out the hidden doubts and roadblocks you may have, and helping you feel safe to expand your comfort zone. She is a unique business coach, I love how individualized and safe she can make the process for you”

Josephine Sutton

Emotional Release Coach, New Zealand

“When something really calls to me it keeps coming up and when I sit with it and it keeps coming up again and again I follow my intuition to it and when the obstacles disappear they all fall away I know I am stepping into some powerful medicine. The path becomes clear and there is no reason to say no, it’s just an absolute YES!!

This is how it was for me stepping into working again with MANGALA HOLLAND

It’s been absolutely phenomenal!

Our work together and individually has been supercharged.

It’s been absolutely inspiring and magnificent, I am so grateful for the opportunity to work in this way with Mangala again….I really admire the way she works and how she creates opportunities for amazing growth and self-honouring in a way that is aligned with my belief systems and practices. I’ve had a complete paradigm shift in this time and I am so grateful!!”

Wendy Bennett

Founder; Womb of Creativity, Australia

This 4 month program is the perfect fit for you if...

  • What worked 2 years ago is no longer working - you’re getting less enquiries, less clients and 2023-2024 has felt like dragging a massive boulder uphill

  • You’d love to grow and scale your work so that you can increase your impact and income

  • You’re great at what you do and have integrity in spades - but your current business strategy is “throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks”, which makes it hard to become more successful without burning out

  • Bro hustle marketing culture makes you vomit - and so does the new-age airy-fairy manifesting. You want grounded, practical advice from someone who understands the unique challenges of working in a niche where you’re constantly running the risk of being shadowbanned or deplatformed

  • You’d love to learn from someone who’s created a successful multi-6 figure business teaching female pleasure and sexuality and has gained mainstream press and recognition

  • You’d love to increase your income so that you can have a more flexible lifestyle - but hate the thought of “putting yourself out there” more and being on social media all the time

  • You’re getting enquiries but they’re not enough, or they’re not the right people and you’d love to work with clients who are ready to invest in themselves and actually do the work, so that they get the transformation that you can give them

  • You want to grow and scale your business in a way that feels achievable, without frying your nervous system or by being pushed into generic cookie-cutter approaches that don’t feel aligned for you and your ideal clients

This is NOT a good fit if…

Investment (USD)

Early Bird

(to 8th July - save $500):

Pay in full: $1800

Or 5 x monthly instalments of $399


(from 9th July)

Pay in full: $2300

Or 5 x monthly instalments of $499

We have a limited number of VIP spaces available:

(includes 4 x private coaching calls with Mangala - this is for you if you’d love to go deeper and make the most of this journey with my personal support, strategy and mentoring to take your business success to a whole new level)

Pay in full: $2999

Or 5 x monthly instalments of $649)

Investment (USD)


Pay in full: $2300

Or 5 x monthly instalments of $499

Or 10 x monthly instalments of $249

We have a limited number of VIP spaces available:

(includes 4 x private coaching calls with Mangala - this is for you if you’d love to go deeper and make the most of this journey with my personal support, strategy and mentoring to take your business success to a whole new level)

Pay in full: $2999

Or 5 x monthly instalments of $649

Or 10 x monthly instalments of $349


This is a business investment – my clients often see an immediate return on their investment. Of course, whilst I can’t promise that you’ll immediately make a ton of money, if you implement the actions you will set yourself up for success and will save yourself a lot of expensive mistakes.

We have a payment plan option, meaning you can spread the cost over 5 months. If you’re quick, take advantage of the early bird rate to get the extra benefits! This course is a fraction of the cost of working with me privately, and has been priced to make it as accessible as possible.

I hear ya! This strategy gives you the tools and skills for years to come, so that you can set yourself up for sustainable success and a flexible business model that works for you. There’s never going to be the perfect time, and setting yourself up with a clear strategy for 2025 will ensure you thrive and succeed.

Our VIP option gives you the benefit of both the group container as well as targeted, specific, personal coaching, so that you can make the most out of this journey together. This is absolutely the best option if you want to go deeper and get epic value from the program. If you’d absolutely prefer to just work together 1:1 then email to discuss a 6 or 12 month private package.

This is business strategy not pure coaching – which means you’re going to actually get stuck in and do the work, with support so that you’re not floundering, trying to take bits of advice from various free webinars and going round in circles getting nowhere. We look at the current gaps in your business and plug them, plain and simple.

Everything is recorded! We’ve had people go through my programs and still get incredible results from watching the replays in their own time and utilising the Facebook group community. You get to do this journey in a way that feels good for you – on your terms and in your time!

All genders and races are welcome in this program. I’m working with mentors to make sure my spaces are as safe and inclusive as possible. In particular, that means on-going anti-racism work as well as creating safer spaces for non-binary, gender-fluid and trans folk. Of course this is a lifetime’s work and I’m actively unpacking my conditioning, but inclusivity is a very high priority to me.

Let’s do this!

Questions? Please email

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