by Mangala

photo by Verve Portraits

These practitoners have been personally trained and initiated into this ancient sacred healing by Mangala.

There are female & male practioners of each modality.

Yoni Massage Practitioners


Yvonne Westerman - Toorak & South Yarra

I am an intuitive and energetic body worker and have been a group facilitator in sacred sexuality for 7 years. My heart space is wide open to hold you for what mysteries can unfold within you.

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Julie Vanderspek - Mooroolbark

To be held in a safe container for who you are.
To awaken, to explore, to feel, to express, to heal and learn about you and the power you hold within yourself.
Tapping into the true YOU…
Allowing her to shine your light into your world.

Yoni Magic is about your journey of finding and exploring you.

I am honored and excited to be able to offer my gifts and knowledge to hold you in a safe space of finding, unlocking you, so you can enjoy and appreciate you. “For You”.

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Nisha Gill - Melbourne Inner East

I believe every woman’s body holds the key to vibrant aliveness, orgasmic bliss and expanded states of consciousness. Pelvic Embodiment Sessions are a safe sanctuary where I intuitively weave yoni awakening techniques with tools from bodywork, counselling, Somatic Experiencing (trauma resolution), birth work and women’s Tantric yoga to help you access the exquisite richness that is already present within you.

Contact Nisha Gill – 0402 039 341

Shae Elise - Melbourne Inner North

Shae Elise is a heart-centered women’s empowerment and sexuality coach and online educator. Shae’s approach to yoni massage facilitates a process for women to heal from body and sexual shame, awakening to deeper pleasure and self love. She is currently working on a method that incorporates yoni awakening sessions with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) titled ‘Yoni Repatterning’ that rewires a woman’s belief around her sexuality and her body.

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Armelle Sebbag - Melbourne & Fitzroy

Armelle is a shiatsu therapist, moxibustionist and yoni massage practitioner.
During her Yoni Initiation sessions, she weaves rituals, moxa, bodywork and yoni massage to offer a tailored loving experience to connect to yourself, awaken your deep magic and feel your potential and your beauty.
She knows there’s more to life than ordinary living and is on a mission to help women discover it for themselves.

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Tracy Kopp - Melbourne

With a long history as a chiropractor and bodyworker, Tracy is an expert at helping women become comfortable in their physical body. From a grounded place, she works as a guide to shine a light on your own mysterious depths: physical, emotional and spiritual. Yoni massage can help to release stored tension, pain and shame and to dissolve unconscious patterning that may make sex uncomfortable. In sessions with Tracy you’ll be encouraged to face both difficult and pleasurable aspects of your relationship to your yoni. This is an opportunity to wade gently into your own divine magic and reclaim your sexuality. Tracy is courageous and intuitive, and can help you connect to these qualities in yourself.

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Tel: 0433207679

Tania Chevalier - Frankston South

Tania is a yoni massage practitioner, spiral practitioner and youth coach that works with people from a truly authentic and person centred approach. Using all these skills Tania combines these modalities with her very strong intuition to support her clients in reaching their full potential. Tania’s aim is to help people to truly step into their power with truth to reconnect to their authentic self. Tania believes that creating a safe, nurturing and loving space allows for women to let go of all that is no longer serving them and in doing so they can move forward feeling more connected and in touch with their own inner power and wisdom.

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Tammie Lloyd - Frankston

My own Yoni massage journey has been incredibly healing and transformative. I am more intimate to feeling my own deeply felt Truth in my body, feeling my “full yes” with a clarity & confidence than I’ve ever felt before. My life force is flowing more freely, bringing greater feelings of sensuality, orgasmic pleasure, joy, creativity and a fuller expression of myself out in the world. I already adore facilitating sacred space for women to awaken and reclaim the many aspects of their Divine Feminine power, and it is now my deepest joy to share the gifts of Sacred Yoni Healing as part of my offerings.

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Kat Mroz - Western Melbourne

A nurturing energy allowing you to unleash the inner goddess inside and come into your true power. Guiding you to access the universe and surrender to your intimate creativity and divine feminine.

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Brooke Frances - Carlton

Brooke Frances adores holding space for women to fall in love with themselves and journey home to the truth of who they really are. In Whole Body Awakening sessions, she combines sacred yoni massage with teachings from tantric yoga for women, deep compassion and wisdom from her own healing journey and her natural ability to connect with subtle energies. She gently holds a safe space for a woman to deeply surrender, practice using her voice and be clear on her boundaries, experience powerful healing, connect with herself and her instinctual wisdom, and find the freedom to discover her own pleasure potential.

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Phone: 0490 691 833

Wendy Bennett - Dandenong Ranges

I am honoured to hold space for the ancient practice of yoni massage healing. I have followed a very strong calling to walk this path and it elevates my sacred service of holding space for women in their deep inner work, to new realms.

I gently weave a ceremony of healing with yoni massage techniques, shamanic practices and energy healing in which women reclaim their body and entire being as sacred and sovereign. As home.

I live and work in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges and encourage women to take some time to enjoy the beauty of The Hills either before or after a session as a compliment to their healing.

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Tracey Brown - Bayside

Yoni Alchemy by Tracey allows you to Reclaim the Deep Sacred Connection to your Womb Space. Awakening, Nurturing, Softening and Opening your Yoni’s to Blossom into Full Flower. To Honour her and Love her Beauty Unconditionally.

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New South Wales

Leela Kaliyani- Sydney

Leela Kalyani is a trainee doula, fertility massage therapist and yoni massage therapist. She is devoted to supporting the feminine in tapping into their creative potential, innate intuitive wisdom, pleasure and authentic truth through creating sacred space and working with embodiment practices and bodywork.

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Leah Sage - Gold Coast

Inspired by the healing power of pleasure and the deep wisdom of the female body, Leah is passionate about guiding women to discover and also express their unique gifts and magnificence into the world. Having been immersed in Personal Development and Sacred Sexuality for over ten years and also facing her own ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, Leah cares deeply about holding a safe container for women to experience the full range of their emotions so they are free to create a life they love. She is a certified Yoni Massage Practitioner, Sacred Female Yoga instructor and has also received training from the Quodososhka Shamanic tradition, International School of Temple Arts and Tony Robbins. Leah is also a Mother of two boys and was initiated into pleasure being a pathway to enlightenment, through her orgasmic birthing experiences. As a former Elite High Jumper, Dancer and Dietitian, Leah has wealth of experience in working with her own body, which she now brings to her work in embodied female pleasure and sexuality. Her greatest wish is for woman to bring their unique female frequency into the everyday moments and as torch bearers for Shakti consciousness on this planet.

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Western Australia

Grace Stokeld – Western Australia (South-West)

Grace holds a nurturing and safe container for women and men to truly come home to themselves. Grace works as a Sexuality, Intimacy & Pleasure Coach and a Sacred Bodywork Practitioner. Combining Taoist & Tantric traditions, more modern coaching and talk therapy techniques, as well as massage, she provides a complete and holistic approach to working with sexuality. Grace believes the journey to unlocking your personal power is through the exploration and awakening of your pleasure.

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Phone: 0430 538 157
Instagram: @_sexwithgracie

Various States

Amy Lou - Touring around Australia

For you I hold space, space to be nurtured, held, and supported as you awaken your Divine Feminine. I am a Registered Midwife, Intuitive Healer and Sacred Yoni Massage Practitioner. I work through Gaia and from my heart space, bringing a very grounding and nurturing presence to my work.

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Lingam Massage Practitioners


Yvonne - Toorak & South Yarra

I am an intuitive and energetic body worker and have been a group facilitator in sacred sexuality for 7 years. My heart space is wide open to hold you for what mysteries can unfold within you.

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Seline - Collingwood & Malvern

Seline is a qualified yoga instructor with a background in tantra. She has worked in Asia and Australia and offers tantric bodywork sessions with an emphasis on moving energy throughout the body. From healing trauma to becoming multi orgasmic, Seline offers a safe place for you to embrace your sexuality and feel empowered.

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Facebook: States of Samadhi

Julie Vanderspek – Mooroolbark

I am honoured and excited to be able to offer my gifts and knowledge to hold you in a safe space for finding you and getting your power back, “For You”.

“I went into this session with Julie nervous and not sure what to expect. I went in with an open heart and belief that it was for my highest good. I can happily say WOW, it was amazing. I walked out feeling more connected with myself than ever before. Was able to unlock a whole lot of energies I had stuck around my body. I would absolutely recommend this session – it was amazing and helped me a lot!”

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Brooke Frances – Carlton

I feel deeply honoured to be able to offer such powerful work to men who are wanting to connect more deeply with themselves and to cultivate a healthy connection with their own body and masculinity. This unique healing modality supports you to connect with your intimacy potential, your power and your purpose and is offered with deep presence and integrity. I welcome all men but have a particular interest in working with men who are navigating a porn addiction and who are ready for change. The difference this makes in the lives of men and in their relationships is a joy to witness!
I have a background in numerous healing modalities and bring an embodied feminine presence. If you’re feeling called to explore this work, I’d love to connect with you.

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Male practitioners

Zi - Melbourne Inner North

Zi’s interest in Tantra was born five years ago during a trip to India. It was there that they frequented Pranayam workshops and stumbled across Tantra. The breathwork inspired them to dabble with various other tantric techniques before deciding to become a Lingam massage practitioner in 2017. They strongly believe that the emotional walls that stand between most men expressing their vulnerability with other men need to be crumbled. Zi is passionate about creating a space where men feel safe to explore their insecurities with another male bodied person and in turn fully embrace their masculinity. They’ve trained personally with Mangala and are a qualified yoga teacher, remedial masseur and have a background in shiatsu.

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